Our Blend

Light to medium roasted, a 100% Arabica modern London blend offering nouveau winey
undertones with soft spices notes and low acidity.

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    Taste Profile

    The winey mix of hand washed Arabica beans, grade one and Bourbon varieties from three different continents smothers the milk and assimilates all the richness of the coffee to produce a wonderfully unique flavour. The creme flows to a rich dark, tan colour which lasts and lasts. Very easy drinking, no haters here.
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    Taste Characteristics

    Winey and rich bodied, full zingy citrus fruit taste and bright semi acidic sweet. Strength - 4*. Region - Mixed Santos grade 1, Indian AA and Riwanda Kivu. Attitude of 1200-2100 metres to above sea-level.

The Coffee Blue blend is a melange of five different coffee beans. 100% Arabica blended to respresent the modern London style of coffee making. With the advent of the Antipodean influence, the Coffee Blue blend typifies the modern take on traditional espresso coffees, focusing strongly on the quality and taste profile of milk based drinks such as flat whites and latte’s.

The Coffee Blue blend

brightens your day and is an enjoyable experience at any time


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