You. Them. Us.

Back in 2017, our parent company Vantastec combined their love of coffee with their knowledge of vehicle conversion to create Coffee Blue. We’re determined to do things differently and we want everyone to join in.

Our journey started in 2006 when Gareth and Colin formed Vantastec. We specialised in refrigerated vehicles – part of the reason our own coffee van is so marvellous.


In this time, we picked up years’ worth of experience with mobile catering and knew we could make something truly great with a coffee van.


We care a lot about our vehicles. Our van went through an intense design process, making sure it was the best on the market. We aimed to utilise every inch of space and provide the utmost flexibility for our franchisees.  We’re passionate about a good quality product and the van speaks for itself.


We also did a lot of research into what makes a franchise a success. Our franchisees are the life and soul of the business and without them, it couldn’t work. It’s our promise to our franchisees to always do right by them and take all feedback on board. We are all Coffee Blue.

Gareth Edwards, one of the co-founders of Vantastec and Coffee Blue
This is Gareth. Other than his family, his two big loves are cappuccinos and football.
This is Colin. Colin can skip like a boxer with a long wire cable. True story.
Colin Smith, one of the co-founders of Vantastec and Coffee Blue
Map of Harrogate

Since first setting up, we’ve been preparing for our big launch and getting ready to share our love of coffee with the world. We start with our first franchisee, Martin in Harrogate very soon, with more on the way!


Are you as excited for Coffee Blue as we are? Join us, be blue in the best way!


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