Is franchising affordable for you? You’ll be pleased to know we have some of the best prices and offers in the business, from our low franchise fees to the affordability of our vehicles.








How much will it cost me to join Coffee Blue?

We can get the ball rolling with your new mobile coffee franchise with an advanced payment of £1,695 + VAT, which is 10% of our franchisee fee.

Our full franchise package only costs £16,950 + VAT, which is the lowest in the industry.  After careful research of the mobile coffee business, we realised we didn’t need to charge the earth for a great franchise.

Our ongoing management fee is £60 per week, which is the best value for money in the industry. Plus, we even guarantee no increases in management fees throughout the term of agreement.

The main cost of buying a coffee van franchise will be the vehicle. We have some incredible financing options and facilities on offer, including our unique rent to buy package.

Franchise contracted term is 10 years.

Coffee Blue in Harrogate

Funding Options Available:

Outright Purchase

£43305 + VAT
Lower monthly costs
Best price overall
Vehicle is yours
Maintenance covered
Guaranteed buy-back


Unique to Coffee Blue
Maintenance agreement built in
Rental between 3&5 years
Own at the end of term
No deposit required
No finance
Guaranteed buy-back
Rent from £35 a day

Personal Finance

Take out your own finance package
Low monthly payments
VAT applicable
Low rates offered
Maintenance covered
Guaranteed buy-back
Subject to credit-check

How are you so competitively priced?

Before Coffee Blue, there weren’t really many competitors for the mobile coffee industry. This meant some companies could charge what they wanted and nobody could rival them. When we looked further into what would be a realistic price for a franchise, we realised it was far less than what our competitors were offering.

We also take full advantage of our parent company’s ability to convert vehicles. By keeping everything in-house, we’re able to keep the prices low and adapt ourselves with ease based on feedback from our franchisees. Click here to learn more about what you get for your money.