After spending the Christmas season getting ready for the round by doing events, we wanted to see how it compares. Looks like someone else got caught out by the milk jugs!

How did your first week on the round go?

Really good thanks, really enjoyed it! I’m settling into the round now, getting the call and the right times to suit the customers.

I love it; being out in the fresh air, meeting new people. Listening to peoples stories, the good the bad and ugly. Either way, it beats being sat behind a desk.

I get to taste my own coffee every morning and enjoy a cup whenever I feel… Is there anything better than enjoying a nice coffee discussing the football results? Especially when your side is winning!

Did you have any unexpected successes?

Hot chocolates! I knew the coffee was good and that people would like and enjoy it. I trusted the product and I wasn’t wrong.

I was surprised how popular the hot chocolates are. White, Peanut butter and Orange being the most popular. I’m not surprised how well a good quality bacon roll and nice warm coffee go together.

Did you have to change your round much?

Yes and no. The calls haven’t changed much but the order and times have.

Some have set breaks and require calls at set times, while others are more flexible, then it’s slotting them together based on distance and getting around the calls in time.

What’s been the most popular choice of drink so far?

Latte pretty much every day followed by Cappuccino, although hot chocolates (if I add together the combined flavours) are catching up, but still have a way to go to catch the coffee.

Hot chocolate with all the trimmings from Coffee Blue Caerphilly
The increasingly popular hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows from Coffee Blue Caerphilly

You chose to raise money for Barnardos for the first couple of days, taking donations instead of charging for the coffee. Any ideas how much money you raised?

In excess of £100 I would think, but not opened the pot yet. This is something I need to arrange with Barnardos

How does doing a coffee round compare to doing events?

Apart from jumping in and out of the van, packing and unpacking equipment and watching the clock, not a lot to be honest. The smell of coffee remains as well as good quality products and customer service remains the same.

I did forget Martin in Harrogate’s golden rule though about making sure the milk jug is secure before heading to the next call. I found out the hard way! I sorted the milk jug but forgot about the chocolate jug, which spilled all over the back of the van. Lesson learnt!

What did you learn from doing events that you’ve carried over to your round?

Consistent quality and not letting standards slip; every customer is important. Keep giving quality and people will return.  

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